The Undeniable Importance of Using a Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense

best 2016 tactical flashlightWhen we encounter the word “tactical”, the first words that probably enter an average person’s mind are “fight”, “combat”, “strategy”, etc. Well, it is not for nothing that a tactical flashlight is termed as such. After all, it could be used as a potent weapon for self-defense. Just imagine catching your assailant unawares, and rendering him incapacitated in seconds. This wouldn’t be at all difficult to perform if you simply take the time to learn how to use the best tactical flashlight.

There are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled for flashlight to be rightly labelled as “tactical”. While there are ones that are readily being marketed as such, you’d still have to mind the correct properties of a tactical flashlight if you’re out looking to buy one for yourself. For instance, as much as possible, it would have to small enough to fit inside your palm. This way, you won’t find it hard to carry it around and would be easy to conceal. Another important requirement is the brightness of the light that it can produce, as the key principle of using it as a self defense tool is to blind or render your attacker disoriented in an instant. Lastly, you also have to make it a point to get one that doesn’t have to make you fumble over it just to turn it on.

Effective Use of a Tactical Flashlight

Once you have gained a basic understanding of how this type of flashlight works, you now have to dedicate time in learning how to use the tool properly and maneuver while using it. You don’t want to have to be caught in a situation where you’d regret not taking the time in studying how to use it, after all.

The key to using a tactical flashlight lies in taking your attacker by surprise. You have to be quick enough to shine the bright light directly on his eyes. Once he is disoriented, you can either flee immediately or take him out with a good combination of attacks. This entirely depends on how badly he was affected by the flashlight. If you are forced to get into a physical confrontation, experts recommend aiming low, and targeting vulnerable regions such as the groin. This is because the first reflex of a dazed person is to usually hold his hand up to protect his eyes against the glare of the lights.

Consider Carrying One with You at all Times

With that said, carrying a good tactical flashlight around, x800 shadow hawk flashlight like a  with you would be a really smart move, especially if you are wary of the places that you go to on a regular basis. It is all the more necessary if you frequent dimly-lit places. What’s good is that it’s not very hard to learn how to use it and, once mastered, it would certainly become purely instinctive. Using a tactical flashlight is also entirely different from learning a martial art for self defense, as with it, you only need to have a relatively fast reaction time. These are but some of the reasons why it would be wise for you start making it habit to bring one with you always.

Always remember, though, that it’s best to avoid direct confrontation. If you see the opportunity to evade your assailant, then do so without a second thought. If you are certain, though, that you can handle your opponent, eliminating the threat completely by using a tactical flashlight along with a few simple martial arts combinations like the palm stick defense could prove to be the best option. However, this, too, takes training.

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