Traffic Monsoon’s Traffic is for Conversions, Not Stats

There are a lot of ways to build traffic to a website. Some are slow and time-consuming but they result in high-quality organic traffic.

Other ways are fast and effective but cost outrageously (PPC). Still other ways are fast, easy and cheap but what you get is a lot of worthless traffic (paid traffic from audience networks).

Paying for worthless traffic is the norm now.

It’s a marketing problem that exists for every business, large or small. That’s why there’s web hosting packages specifically for small and large companies. Even the big players haven’t solved the dilemma of how to purchase authentic traffic that converts well.

In fact, most MLM marketing directors freely admit they budget for worthless traffic, hoping amidst all the junk visitors they’ll get a few quality MLM leads, somehow. It’s a shot in the dark, even for the likes of American Express, Chrysler, and other top brands.

But that’s not true for businesses who advertise on Traffic Monsoon, which is starting to become bigger than My Advertising Pays.

All this is true unless you’re selling home-based business products or services. It’s why Traffic Monsoon’s paid traffic services are different.

To understand why, take a look at the common issues facing advertisers who want to purchase traffic.

The problem with most paid traffic.

It boils down to this: think you’re paying for views but you’re really just getting eyeballs. Here’s what you’re getting:

  • botnet malware on hijacked computers: virtual browser that visits, scrolls, and clicks links unknown to person whose computer it has taken over
  • popups/tab-unders which inflate visitor numbers but are usually never seen
  • redirects: only 2% of people click on “From Around the Web” boxes

OK, how about throwing money at the problem?  You’ll need a LOT. Facebook: costs around 100 times more than cheap traffic. Redirects are expensive too. You could also spend a lot on non-converting traffic by purchasing expired domain redirects.

But you’re still not getting a good deal. This is why most marketing entrepreneurs simply throw in the towel and expect to pay for worthless traffic. It’s just part of the business.

Shoot, you’re better off using services like Hootsuite and exploit your social presence rather than throwing money at traffic schemes.

Traffic Monsoon is different because both the advertisers and the ad viewers are interested in the same thing.

Traffic Monsoon pays people to look at ads- yes. But unlike most paid-to-view/click campaigns, the field is much narrower. Because of the MLM structure, it attracts ad viewers who are interested in making a living online. Since the ad publishers are pushing work-from-home online business products and services, it’s a match made in marketing heaven.

And it wouldn’t all be possible if Traffic Monsoon weren’t an MLM. By attracting people who have an interest in network marketing and pursuing their own businesses online, Traffic Monsoon naturally attracts higher quality ad viewers than other paid-to-click networks.

TM’s incentive program also attracts the right kind of online entrepreneurs. 

With Traffic Monsoon, purchasing ads increases the potential for revenue.

Compare this to people who join other paid-to-click networks where all they get is a straight payment for as many websites as they can make it through in one day.

Not the most ambitious workers on earth. Hard-working yes, but not the types who are going to find interest in online business services like those sold by the advertisers who join Traffic Monsoon.

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